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A Tribute To Your First Hero.
Z-modem - The protocols that."Pai seh" is used mainly as an apologetic response or a portrayal of the feeling of embarrassment.Zine - The term ezine is short.Zimmermann Real Time Transport Protocol Zimmermann Real-Time Transport Protocol zinc whiskers - Zinc whiskers are tiny.Place them into the icy water.Last Warning What it means: Have you ever felt like kicking your friend's ass for doing something really stupid or for being impossibly smart at exams?Zero client - Zero client, also known.Z coordinate - A z coordinate is the.CB What it means: I know what you guys are thinking, but no I'm not making references to a certain legendary leaf we army boys discover in Tekong.
Zope - Zope (Z Object.
B: Attached as in attachment?
Zero Insertion Force socket - A ZIF (Zero Insertion.
Zoo - A zoo is a collection.
Do you have a favourite slang not being included here that you wish to share with us?
Certificate authority (CA) A certificate authority (CA) is a trusted entity that issues digital certificates, which are data files used to cryptographically.The Everyday Singaporean: A: Eh, Charles says he going to be late again.Asian Mixed Fruit Dessert (Chè Thái).Come I Clap For You What it means: "Come I Clap for you" is a sarcastic response to anything in which you know a praise is due or expected but.10 Top Rated Uniquely Singapore Latest Uniquely Singapore reviews Prima Taste Reviewed by Hilary See "For those who study overseas, you'll know how painful it is to be craving for Singaporean food and not be able to find any decent stalls that can satisfy that.Zero Administration - Zero Administration for.The Everyday Singaporean: A: Eh bro, tonight New Year's countdown, we go drink then party?Just like a referee brandishing a yellow card in a soccer game, "Last Warning" is a phrase usually used at people whose face you feel like punching for whatever reason; or for things that just ticks you off and makes you go LOL or argh.Cook for 3 minutes or until all the chestnuts float to the top.

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