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Latin chat-up linier

Chica, you're like a piñata, because i'd definitely hit that!
Doll, what toy store did you escape from?
Do you come here often?Me puedes decir tu nombre?Enjoy and have ægte amatør par sex videoer fun!Mami, tú con tantas curvas y yo sin frenos.Because you just lit the fire in my heart 8) Youre so hot you could burn down Troy!Are you a bud light lime?
Si la belleza fuese delito, yo te hubiera sentenciado a cadena perpetua.
Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to pass by again?
Nice legs, what time do they open?
Estás como Santa Bárbara, Santa por adelante y Bárbara por detrás.I won't blame the tequila if I get with you!God must be distracted, for Angels are falling from Heaven *to be used at a bar (can be female/male).It's filled with raw emotion, music and background sounds to make you feel as though you were truly a part of the environment.Your lips look lonely, would they like to meet mine?Honey, you with so much meat, while I am starving ( le ronca el mango- no literal translation but its like saying, a rockin Mango *This is a very Cuban Phrase, my Cuban amiga gave us this one).You're rice and I am the beans.Take a look at these funny and clever pick up lines that are latino themed.Se responde) (when he/she replies why?You are a Sexican.

If you're as intelligent as you are beautiful, then you'd know that today is not the anniversary of the Mexican revolution, but rather the Mexican army's unlikely victory over French forces at the battle of puebla.