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They don't mind violence.
Where are the witty lines?
The frenzied joy of the Bacchai as they tear Pentheus to pieces cannot simply be attributed to the god's power over them.
Lots of sex, chat linjer gratis prøveperiode vancouver violence, and dead men follow, as do the police, who are breathing down the women's necks like an overly persistent bad date.But the end of Bacchai eclipses all this.Unlike the obviously incendiary Baise-Moi, Thelma Louise wasn't designed to have this kind of impact.Against this, the film's visual language is lurid and tawdry, the acting is perfunctory, the script is uninventive and the soundtrack music dire.'The staggering thing says Barnaby Thompson, 'is that there haven't been more films of this ilk in between.Pentheus's mother, Agave, is chief among those followers, and kills her son in the deluded belief that he is a lion.Implicit in this bravado, which originates in a kind of philistinism, is the conviction that literature is safe, unthreatening, even "false".Thelma Louise had a medium-sized budget, and medium-sized stars in Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis.They discover that killing gives them a buzz and go on to kill others, commenting throughout on their inability to deliver the appropriately droll one-liners at the moment of the kill itself.The strange thing about Thelma Louise that summer was that people were refusing to treat it as a movie, or, more specifically, a genre movie.They are insecure and vulnerable, and live near the bottom of the social pile.
The film's producer, Barnaby Thompson, sees no mystery in why the women in these films are normally new to the world of crime.
It was akin to Thelma Louise.
As from Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon's characters, but the controversy they are causing is all too reminiscent of the furore that surrounded the release of Thelma Louise.
Euripides's Bacchai, a play about women killing men, has opened at the National Theatre just as Baise-Moi, a film about women killing men, is being screened in a number of cinemas.
It will be "real".
Dismissed at the time as breast fetishism, now considered highly influential.Some people thought women would understand the movie better, but I don't think so now.' 'The only difference is that some men feel really frightened by it says her co-director, Virginie Despentes, 'because they think the movie is saying, "We're going to kill all.One's a prostitute, the other's a porn actress.The grandfather, Cadmus, is turned into a serpent and exiled from Thebes.A man who has the misfortune to want to wear a condom before intercourse is kicked to death by Manu and Nadine, whilst the denizens of a provincial sex-club are brutally laid to waste by the gun-toting bad girls.Beautiful Creatures, the Glasgow-set comedy thriller released earlier this year, borrows the idea that crime can be empowering for women, especially for Rachel Weisz's character, who is even dizzier at the start of the film than Geena Davis is in Thelma Louise.That scene was written carefully: it was an attempted rape, and I wanted to make what she did wrong.Doesn't anyone read any more or understand metaphor?That, at any rate, is his ambition: he only partially succeeds.