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Package: libroxen-sqlcounter Description-md5: Description-da: Adgangstællermodul til webserveren Roxen Challenger Access counter replacement that stores hits in live chat cam til cam a SQL database.
Package: fastlink Description-md5: cd634f883bcb467301d b Description-da: A faster version of pedigree programs of Linkage Fastlink er meget hutigere end den originale Linkage, men implementerer ikke alle programmerne.
This package contains some documentation that may be useful to developers of applications that use gnome.This package can savely be removed.Lprof is a color profiler that creates ICC compliant profiles for devices such as cameras, scanners, and monitors.Package: speedbar-beta Description-md5: Description-da: Overgangspakke Denne tomme pakke er lavet for at give en glidende overgang fra den tidligere pakke speedbar-beta (speedbar-pakken erstatter nu denne).Denne pakke indeholder selve Lisp-systemet.Together, new heroes can join forces with characters from previous editions and embark on adventures pakistanske offentlige chat værelser as big as your imagination in the.0 Toy Box.Hypertekst kildekodenavigation og -opslag.A new introduction to the Background section of the episode guide for season four is in place.The data are packaged separately from xtide because they may be updated separately.The Scribus document file format is XML-based.Data injection in an established connection and filtering (substitute or drop a packet) on the fly is also possible, keeping the connection synchronized.
1 User programs (e.g.
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Alle disse filer er tilgængelige på ftp:bian.
Det er udviklet på Berkeley Universitet.
This package contains the text and X11/Athena-based graphical versions of Nethack.
This package contains the common files which the runtime libraries need.Multi-server safety being the main one (ie, if you have 5 Roxen's for the same website, this module can be used in them all to get the total number of hits).There is easy to use drag and drop scrapbook for frequently used items such as text blocks, pictures and custom shaped frames.September 17, 1996 The spoiler page for "Z'ha'dum" now contains a synopsis.Package: wmgtemp Description-md5: Description-da: Temperaturføler-panelprogram til Window Maker wmgtemp is a dock app (a 64x64 window) which graphically displays the CPU and SYS temperatures of motherboards supported by lm_sensors.

Package: debian-zh-faq-s Description-md5: Description-da: Kinesisk Debian FAQ (Kinesisk GB) Denne pakke indeholder bogen Debian_Chinese_FAQ (i simplificeret kinesisk GB-version som svarer nogle ofte stillede spørgsmål om opsætning af et kinesisk miljø under Debian.